Hotel Business Division

We plan, design, propose, and produce linen products and interior goods that provide a sense of comfort and happiness in sophisticated and comfortable spaces such as hotels and inns.

Bed Linen Collection

Sheet/Pillow/Pillow case/Duvet/Duvet cover/Towel/Robe/Pajamas/Yukata/Wear/Cushion/Covers/SPA goods design planning and production

Tablecloth Collection

Planning and production of tablecloths/chair covers/table mats/runners/napkins/table skirts, etc. and original gifts



Design and consulting of towels and textiles in general

Total planning for bridal fairs and other events

Based on the concept, we can produce styling, event production using video, lighting, molding, fabrics, flowers, paper items, etc., and interior - table coordination.

Renewal planning for hotels, restaurants, inns, etc.


Gifts and Interior Accessories

We can create original gifts and interior accessories to meet your needs, such as napkins, cutlery boxes, jewelry boxes, etc. with embroidered logos.


Original brand products

Smooth and pleasant to the touch, carefully selected linen of the highest quality is used. With superior functionality and stylish design, we offer items that remind you to enjoy life more.

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